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Fish feed vibrating screen

2020-02-13 14:24:43

Fish feed production process introduction:

Common fish feed is made by mixing a variety of different raw materials. It is not good to crush the raw materials too thick or too fine. Generally, the raw materials should be crushed to pass through a 40-mesh sieve and 60-mesh sieve. The specifications of the finished fish feed are 1- 2mm, 2-10mm, common processes are:

I. Process flow of floating fish feed production line:
Preparation of raw materials → mixing → conveying → extrusion puffing → conveying → drying → oil injection → seasoning → cooling → vibrating screen → packaging

2. Equipment configuration of puffed fish feed processing equipment:
 Mixing machine → feeding machine → extruder → conveyor → multi-layer oven → seasoning line → cooling conveyor → vibrating screen → packaging machine

Fish feed classification instructions:
Catfish feed is finely divided. After screening, it is easy to separate different sizes in the feed, which can be more profitable for feed manufacturers. The particle vibrating sieve used is made of one layer, two layers and other layers according to the needs of the user. The fish feed passes through the sieve mesh size suitable for the mesh, and so on. The fish feed vibrating screen is called Linear Vibrating Screen, and the suitable model can be selected according to the output. The linear screen has obvious effect on particle classification and large output.