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Fish Meal Airflow Sieve

Fish meal is a high-protein feed produced by dehydrating, deoiling, and crushing of fish. It is generally used for pet feed and raw materials for fish, shrimp, crab and other animal breeding.

The bulk density of fish meal is very small. The bulk density after mixing is about 0.3-0.4, which can be said to be very light and very floating, and it needs to be screened through an 80-mesh screen. It is difficult to achieve good results with ordinary vibrating screen At this time, you need to use the airflow screen mentioned today. The air sieve is mainly used to screen materials with lighter specific gravity such as wood powder, spore powder, etc. The main working principle is that after the material passes through the inlet, a slight negative pressure is generated by the spiral dragon to push the material into the built-in drum for screening. The main screen material of the model is 40-200 mesh, which has the advantages of good sealing, high screening accuracy and static elimination.