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Discharge vibrating screen

  • Valid diameter of screen(mm): 550-1450
  • Sieving precision(mesh): ≤200
  • Power(KW): 0.35-1.75
  • Layer: 1
  • Price(USD): 1500-8000
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■ Specifications
This discharge vibrating screen is a customizable machine, which can be manufactured by different needs as customers' requirements.
The discharge vibrating screen also be called as other name in different country, for example, sometimes will also named it as Discharge vibrating sieve; discharge vibratory sieve; flour sifter; Low-Profile separator and so on.

Distinctive features:
1. Silent machine: This machine was made of high quality stainless steel 304, ultra-low sound design, quiet when working.
2. Clean machine: This machine has a simple structure, easy to clean and disinfect, comply with the norms of food and pharmaceutical industries.
3. Efficient machine: The outlet set beneath the screen body can easily discharge very distinguishing materials. 
4. Environmental machine: This machine adopts totally enclosed structure, no dust fly, no liquid leak.
5. Changeable machine: This machine can be installed on one or two motors, and the motor can be manufactured by your requirement.

Application industries:
1. Chemical industry: resin powder, palette, washing powder, paint, soda and citric acid, etc.
2. Abrasive material and ceramic industry: alumina, quartz, welding rod powder, aluminum, alloy powder, etc.
3. Food industry: sugar, salt, alkali, milk powder, soybean milk, yeast, juice, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.
4. Paper-Making Industries: coated slurry, exhaust liquid, paper making liquid, waste water reclamation, etc.
5. Metallurgy and mining: titanium oxide, zinc oxide, electromagnetism materials, metal materials, welding rod materials, etc.
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■ Technical Data


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