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Limestone Linear Vibratory Screen

Limestone undergoes a series of equipment such as crushing - conveying - screening - crushing until the particles of limestone are screened into the same specification. This type of limestone generally uses mining screening equipment such as circular vibrating screens, and materials of this type are mostly used in construction and other industries. Limestone particles are also relatively large. If you want to get finer limestone, you need to continue to crush this kind of limestone, and then use our light linear vibrating screen to screen the limestone.

The light linear vibrating screen adopts dual vibrating motors as the excitation source. During the working process, the two motors vibrate in the same direction or in the opposite direction at the same time, and the material on the screen surface is subjected to this force to make a straight jump forward, sieved out at the front discharge port. The screen mesh used for sieving limestone is 40 meshes, and different manufacturers have different production requirements, so the selected models are also different.