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Tumbler Screen for sesame

According to the client’s request, they need to sieving the sesame, and they also need grading them in different size, besides, there also some impurities is same size with the good products, so they also want the machin more clean by using the machine about the capacity, they need to get 500kgs/h capacity.

According to his request and our other clients’ using experience, we recommend the following tumbler screen for him.

Model: DYB1000-SS
Equipment diameter: 1000mm
Sieve mesh size: 2.5mm;1.5mm;1mm
Equipment material: Contact clay parts SUS304, equipment base Carbon steel

About tumbler screen why sieving more clean?
Because its swing motion is similar to the manual screening which is working by the basic motor. Make the material form a horizontal and throw three-dimensional rolling motion on the screen, and spread evenly on the entire screen surface from the center to the outer edge, so as to propagate axially by spiral motion, and by adjust the meridional and tangential angles on the pendulum body can change the  trajectory of the material on the screen.
And we also designed the installed screen instead of the gule type, because the client not using very often and no need change mesh more, besides, we also attached the bouncing ball cleaning system on the 1mm and 1.5mm mesh layer to avoid the  block of mesh.

Any more questions about the sesame, please contact us.