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Vibratory Sieve For EPS Resin

EPS resin is a kind of light high molecular polymer. It uses polystyrene resin to add a foaming agent, and at the same time it is heated to soften it to generate gas, forming a rigid closed-cell structure foam. Its processing method can be divided into mode method and extrusion method according to different foaming methods. This uniformly closed cavity structure makes EPS have the characteristics of low water absorption, good heat preservation, light weight and high mechanical strength. It is used to make heat insulation layer, prevent roadbed freezing damage, reduce roadbed settlement, prevent or treat roadbed instability, prevent bridge head jumping, reduce the lateral displacement of bridge abutment, build upright embankment, reduce the impact on underground or adjacent buildings The influence and other effects. There is a great demand in construction projects.

Our customer from Poland needed 4 kinds of apertures 0.9mm; 0.6mm; 0.5mm; 0.3mm to screen EPS. Using our DY1000-4S vibrating screen, the screening output is about 200-300kg. The customer feedback is very good. If you If you have more questions about the screening of EPS materials, you can consult us at any time.