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Application of Silica Round Vibration Shaker

In the production line of silica, vibrating screen is an indispensable production equipment. Used in different places, its role is not the same. The following mainly explains the application of the vibrating screen in the silica production line.

First, feed the mined silica through the electromagnetic vibration feeder to feed the material, silica enters the crusher for crushing, the crushed material has a certain granularity, and there are large particles and small particles that meet the standard, and large particles need to be returned to the crusher for secondary crushing. To distinguish between large and small particles of silica, it is necessary to use a round vibrating screen to distinguish them.

The circular vibrating screen uses an ordinary motor plus a vibrator type as a vibration source, which makes the material reciprocate in a circular reciprocating vibration along the direction of the exciting force, and moves in a parabola on a straight line on the screen surface. Large particles are discharged at the upper discharge port. The granular materials are discharged at the lower discharge port.

In the silica production line, the use of round vibration shaker is very large, mainly used for rough screening of silica and classification.