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Chile Mineral Lab Sieve

       On 14th November, 2015, a Chile wholesaler ordered 3 lab sieves, 4 slap testing sieves and 120 screens for mineral testing.
1. What is the client's raw material ?
      We know that our client is a wholesaler who want to sell these machines to some mineral industries and universities' laboratory whose raw materials including gold ore, copper ore, silver ore, etc. They need to test these material's different levels, the machine's screening efficiency and whether the screen cloth is suitable for their plan.
2. Why choose slap testing sieve ?
      Some ores cannot be sieved easily because of some raw materials' light specific gravity, so they would choose  slap testing sieve with the continuous slapping on the top sieves. Then the raw materials would be screened quickly.
3. Why choose us ?
      Dayong machinery is a professional lab sieve manufacturer and supplier, which aims to supply high precision lab sieve for several years. The lab sieve adopts adjustable texture such as SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L. Our slap sieve was designed as client's specific requirement for high efficiency and high precision.
4. The following is the slap sieve pictures. 
      This slap sieve is made of carbon steel, which could be installed a timer for some clients' need. When delivering, our operater would order a specialized packing-case for these machines to make sure this machines would have no damage in delivering and transporting.