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Flour vibrating sieve

Application range:

Flour sieve is widely used in food, medicine, fertilizer, paint, pigment, cosmetics, grease, resin, ceramic slurry, clay slurry, quicklime, refractory powder, metallurgical powder, electromagnetic powder, grinding powder and other industries.

Applicable materials:
Flour sieve is mainly used for removing impurities and filtering materials such as juice, beverage, sugar, salt, seasoning, milk powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, fierce powder, lithium carbonate, co-solvent and other materials.

Product description
Flour sieve can be used in the feeding system at the front end of the production line of instant noodles, noodles, snacks, solid beverages, etc. to separate the foreign materials in the raw materials (flour, starch, milk powder, additives, etc.). Because it is connected in series in the system and automatically separates foreign objects, it is known as the "safety officer" on the food production line. The flour sieve can replace the manual observation and detection of foreign objects.

1. The flat design of the flour sieve equipment is convenient for manual operation, small in size and easy to move;
2. Flour sieve can be connected in series to the production line system, with low energy consumption and high efficiency;
3. Internal and external easy to clean, no sanitary corners, in line with food and pharmaceutical industry standards;
4. Flour sieve automatic operation, can be produced continuously for 24 hours;
5. Ultra-quiet bass design, normally 70 decibels;
6. The flour sieve is tightly sealed, the liquid does not leak, and the dust does not fly;
7. The square box structure and mesh frame design of the flour sieve improve the durability of the sieve, fast mesh replacement, and easy disassembly and assembly, so that the problem of mesh replacement can be completed within 5 minutes.

Working principle
The flour sieve uses a high-frequency vibration motor as the excitation source. After the material enters the system, it is subjected to a three-dimensional rotary motion on the screen surface under the force of the vibration source. The flour and agglomerates are fully dispersed, and the net passes directly into the lower surface silo. Impurities and foreign substances are separated and discharged to the slag discharge port, which acts as a "safety officer" on the production line.