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Gravel Sieving Dedicated Linear Screening Machine

Gravel is a common type of gravel particles in the construction industry. It is also very common to classify gravel in the production process. From the perspective of the vibrating screen, which type of vibrating screen needs to be used for screening sand and gravel? Many studies have shown that the linear vibrating screen is the first choice.

Gravel vibrating screens often use two-layer 1030 linear screens. Of course, the specific model is still related to the output of sieved gravel. The meshes of the screen are 60 mesh and 140 mesh respectively. Why do most of the screening sand and gravel use linear vibrating screen? The main reasons are as follows:
1. The screening output is large, and the materials move forward in a straight line on the screen surface, and screen out at their respective outlets.

2. Multi-layer screening can be achieved, and a variety of materials of different specifications can be screened out by one feeding.

3. Fast screening speed and high screening efficiency.

4. Fine workmanship, sturdy and durable, can screen a variety of materials, to achieve the effect of one machine with multiple uses.