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High Frequency Vibrating Screen For Filtering Aluminum Silver Paste

In the production process of aluminum silver paste, there will be some impurities that need to be screened. The general industry of aluminum silver paste is divided into two types: one is oily aluminum silver paste and the other is water-based aluminum silver paste. No matter what kind of aluminum-silver paste is relatively viscous, the penetration rate is not high. The customer requires 100-200 catties in one to two hours, and the mesh requires 450 mesh. According to the material situation, the recommended machines for customers are as follows:

2. Model: DYG-1000-1S
3. Mesh size: 450 mesh.
4. Screen: Woven wire mesh.
5. Material: Contact material 304 stainless steel
6. Motor power: 0.75KW

Due to the high frequency and rapid vibration of the high frequency vibration motor, the high frequency vibrating screen causes the slurry to destroy the composition characteristics of the slurry molecules on the screen surface, so that the viscous material can pass through the screen and be discharged from the slurry filtering outlet.