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Mica Powder Vibrating Screen

Mica powder is a kind of light gray, non-toxic, odorless, powdery particles with acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-oxidation, and flame retardant effects. The preparation process is generally for beneficiation - rough breaking - processing - grinding - grading - packaging - finished product. Therefore, the equipment needed for classification in the preparation of mica powder is the screening equipment we produce - stainless steel rotary vibrating screen.

Mica powder needs to be screened with different fineness due to different industries. Let's take the use in the cosmetics industry as an example to talk about the application of the rotary vibrating screen in the screening of mica powder.

The mica powder vibrating screen uses a vertical vibrating motor as the excitation source. When the motor is doing horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional movement, the mica powder is subjected to the force of the motor and the bouncing ball on the screen, which is smaller than the screen mesh, the mica powder quickly enters the next layer through the screen and exits from the lower discharge port, while the mica powder larger than the mesh of the screen stays on the screen and is sieved out from the upper discharge port to obtain the screening and classification of the entire material , Realize the difference of particle size.

The mica powder vibrating screen has the characteristics of large screening output, good effect and wide range of use, and widely used in the production of mica powder. If you have any needs, please contact us.