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White Rice Grading Vibration Screen

The milled rice will contain broken rice. In order to distinguish broken rice from whole rice, we need to use our screening equipment. The common three-dimensional vibrating screen needs multiple equipment to meet its production requirements, which increases the production cost of the workshop; the linear vibrating screen cannot meet the requirements in the screening accuracy of white rice. Therefore, a new type of screening equipment - flat rotary screen was researched to meet the production needs of customers.

The plane rotary screen uses ordinary motor acceleration and reducer to make the screen surface do a uniform reciprocating motion. The screen box generally has an inclination angle of 5-10 degrees. The contact time between the material and the screen is longer, so the screening accuracy is high, and the effective area of the noodles is larger, so the screening yield is also higher.
The plane screening machine mainly has the following characteristics:

1. The vertical and horizontal forces of the screening machine have no vibration force, so the material will not be broken during the screening process, and there will be no physical changes.
2. The effective area of the screen is larger than that of the ordinary vibrating screen, and the material can be reciprocated on the screen surface, so the screening output is larger, and the penetration rate of the material is also higher.
3. There are many specifications and models of the plane screen, which can adapt to different production conditions.