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Lithium Battery Powder Conveying - Vacuum Feeder With Dust-free And Efficient

Lithium battery powder transportation: the production of lithium batteries cannot be separated from powder materials, such as lithium iron phosphate, graphite, ternary materials, etc., and this type of powder is a heavy metal material. The production process must be strictly controlled to prevent lithium battery materials from being If the conveying process leaks, it is necessary to achieve dust-free conveying, high efficiency and stability, and vacuum feeders are often used, and vacuum negative pressure airflow is used to convey powder materials.

★Using vacuum negative pressure pipeline transportation, saving manpower, lifting transportation, up to 5T/H
★The whole process is closed for conveying and feeding, dust-free operation, protecting the health of workers and a clean production environment
★High-precision filter element to ensure that dust does not leak out and high filtration efficiency
★Intelligent blow back system automatically cleans the filter element to ensure stable and smooth operation
The use of a vacuum feeding system can improve the new production process and material characteristics, which will help the development of lithium-ion new energy enterprises, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and reduce the maintenance of material transportation.