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Application Of Vibrating Screen In Ammonium Sulfate Screening

Ammonium sulfate is a compound formed by the reaction of sulfuric acid and ammonium. It has white or slightly yellow crystals with a density of 1.769g / cm³ and stable properties. It is an important industrial raw material and chemical fertilizer.

After the crushing and crushing of ammonium acid, the raw materials have different particle sizes. The particle size that meets the requirements must be selected through the screening process, and the particles that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned for crushing or extrusion. The precise and efficient process cannot be separated without the vibrating screen.

According to customers, during the sieving process of ammonium sulfate, it is usually necessary to separate 3 particle sizes of ammonium sulfate, that is, finished particles, finished products with coarse particles and finished products with fine particles. The finished granules that meet the particle size requirements can be screened directly into the next stage of packaging processing. From the number of classification layers, usually the size of the finished ammonium sulfate is 2-4mm, which is a large grain, so the double layer of the ammonium sulfate vibrating screen sieves are usually 5 mesh and 8 mesh.