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Flour Sifting Using Vibration Sieve In Instant Noodle Production Line

The production of instant noodles requires a series of production equipment, of which the vibrating screen is used in the first process - flour screening. If the flour contains impurities, it will greatly affect the quality of the instant noodles. Therefore, the vibrating screen will be used to filter the flour first. The screening machine generally chooses a straight discharging vibrating screen. The main advantages are as follows:

1. There is less impurity content in the flour, and more than 99% of the flour needs to pass through the screen and be discharged in the lower outlet. The straight discharging vibrating screen is the lower discharge port, so the discharge speed is fast and there will be no blocking.

2. Usually the screen adopts a 2mm screen, so the unloading speed of the flour is relatively fast, and the use of ordinary vibrating screen equipment will cause the material to be discharged in time and accumulate in the bottom frame.

3. The common equipment model for flour filtration on the instant noodle production line is two DY1200 model straight discharging vibrating screens used side by side to meet the needs of the production line.