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Waste Treatment Using Drum Screen

The drum screen is the first host device in the garbage treatment and sorting system. Before deciding to classify the garbage, it is a crucial step to understand the composition of the garbage. The other is the expected screening effect and screening purpose.

Before, we had a customer who wanted to add a set of garbage pre-treatment roller screens to the garbage disposal station. The mesh opening was set to 16mm. The cinder, ash, paper dust and plastic scraps in the production waste were screened out. The overall screening and transportation process is as follows:

After the garbage truck returns to the garbage collection station, the garbage will be poured into the silo and transported to the drum screen through the belt conveyor (manual screening of large debris during the transportation process). The mesh opening of the drum screen is set to 16mm, and the shaftless drum screen is used ( Compared with the shaft, there will be no plastic winding), the punched plate mesh, after the classification, the sieve is discharged to the storage tank through the upper discharge port chute, and then processed separately. A small amount of sieve is discharged through the sieve The belt is transported away.

When high-humidity mixed garbage enters the garbage disposal site, 50% to 60% are packed in bags, and the mixed garbage must be classified for resource utilization. To classify broken bags is the first process of garbage disposal. Roller sieving broken bags is the most economical and energy-saving bag breaking method in the garbage processing industry. It is suitable for domestic waste composting, incineration power generation, integrated biogas production line and industrial solid waste treatment production line. It is suitable for broken bags and sieving of obsolete garbage and fresh garbage. By changing the diameter and range of its sieve holes, multi-level screening of materials can be achieved. With the bag-breaking knife set, the effect of sieving while breaking the bag can be achieved.