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Sandalwood powder vibrating screen

Sandalwood powder vibrating screen is a high precision fine powder screening machine. The working principle is that the vibration source is driven by a vertical motor. An eccentric weight is mounted on the upper and lower ends of the motor to convert the rotation motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical and inclined cubic motion. Then pass this motion to the screen. Adjust the phase angle at the upper and lower ends. Can change the material on the screen track. Because of the characteristic of its vibration operation principle, Many enterprises also call it the "three-dimensional vibration screen filter".

If you need to buy vibrating screen, please provide the following information to us.
1. Material name, density (kg/m3), water content (%). 
2. Required capacity (per hour) 
3. Select one of the required device materials: 
A. All stainless steel 304
B. All carbon steel 
C. The contact part is stainless steel and the other part is carbon steel.

4. If you have special needs, please let me know that the size of the machine can be designed for you. 
5. If additional parts are required, such as American wheel, dust hole, noise proof base, etc., please let us know. 
6. How many layers do you need?
7. Please let us know the voltage and frequency of your city.