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Selection of Square Screening Equipment in Chicken Essence Production Line

As people’s requirements for food become more and more stringent, the screening equipment in the chicken bouillon production line has become an indispensable production process. The qualified products screened out from the screening machine can be directly put into packaging bags and packed for sale. The refined chicken products tested by the screening machine cannot be directly packaged. So which screening equipment is more suitable for screening chicken? Customers are recommended to use the square linear vibrating screen, which can better meet the production of large-volume chicken essence.

At present, there are two specifications of chicken essence in powder form and granular form, so two-layer square screening equipment is required. The finished chicken essence from the dryer is transported to our square linear screen and screening equipment by a conveyor. The chicken essence leaps forward on the screen surface. The chicken essence is divided into three types according to the difference between the size of the chicken essence particles and the mesh size. Different particles are finally screened out at different outlets to complete the entire screening process.

Why do we have to use square screening equipment in the production of chicken essence?
1. The particle size is the same.
2. Good taste without impurities.
3. The cost performance is improved.