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Stainless Steel Linear Vibration Sieving Equipment for Sieving Soybean Flour

The linear vibrating screen is a large screening output, used for screening a variety of materials, such as food, chemicals, building materials and other industries, and has a wide range of applications. Two or more materials can be screened at once. The sieving of soybean meal requires a linear vibrating screen.

1. Soy flour is a powder material, so the upper sealing cover must be provided. If you need to observe the screening of the material during the screening process, you can open an observation port on the upper sealing cover to observe the situation.

2. In order to prevent any deterioration of the material during the screening process, stainless steel is required to ensure that the product is not affected during the screening process.

3. After the vibrating linear screen is used for a period of time, check whether the screen is damaged. The damage of the screen directly affects the screening accuracy of the material, so the use of the screen should be checked frequently.
Soybean flour linear vibrating screen can choose different models of machines to meet the production according to the screening output of customers.