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The application of circular vibrating screen in the production of soybean starch

In the production of soybean starch, need to use our screening equipment many times, such as: screening of raw materials, first of all, to use our vibration screening equipment to remove impurities in raw materials clean; second, the finished product classification screening: The starch produced after drying, the need to grade the accuracy of starch.

Generally speaking, the screening equipment used for screening soybean starch is a rotary shaker, which can classify soybean starch into three grades according to the size of the granules, the main working principle is that by adjusting the angle of the unbalance weight between the upper and lower ends of the rotary vibrating screen motor, the exciting force of the motor will change, so that the moving track of the material on the screen will also change. The material on the screen is vibrated by the bouncing ball at the lower end of the screen, and the material smaller than the screen mesh quickly passes through the screen Mesh and moves downward, while the material larger than the screen mesh remains on the screen surface and continues to move forward, sieving out at the outlet, complete the screening process.