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Linear Vibrating Screen for Honeysuckle Screening

The honeysuckle that has just been harvested will inevitably be mixed with some impurities. In order to filter out the impurities and keep the purer honeysuckle, it is necessary to remove impurities with a linear vibrating screen.

The linear vibrating screen uses double vibrating motors to vibrate. The equipment is designed with a rectangular structure. The material is vibrated by two vibration motors with the same excitation force, so that the material will move forward in a straight line on the screen surface, at the end of the discharge port. It is screened out in different directions, and materials of different particle sizes are screened out at different outlets, and the whole process of screening is finally completed. Why choose to use a linear vibrating screen to screen honeysuckle?

1. First of all, honeysuckle screening is only to remove impurities in the material, and honeysuckle has larger particles, so linear vibrating screens are generally chosen.

2. The screening efficiency of the linear vibrating screen is higher than that of the rotary vibrating screen. In order to meet the large output demand on the production line, most customers are willing to use the square vibrating screen to solve the problem.

3. Since honeysuckle is a food-grade material, the material of the screen used for screening the material needs to be 304 stainless steel.