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Ceramic Filter Screening Machine

The ceramic filter screen is a kind of vibrating screening equipment that can filter out the non-standard materials in the ceramic through the difference between the material particles in the screen mesh and the ceramic slurry.

The ceramic filter screen is similar to the rotary vibrating screen. It is a kind of edge-added rotary vibrating screen. The upper frame is heightened. The ceramic is conveyed by the conveyor and enters the filter screen. The material passes through the excitation force of the vibration source of the vibration motor to make the material Perform horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional movements on the screen surface. The material larger than the mesh of the screen stays on the screen, the material smaller than the mesh of the screen flows from the mesh to the lower screen frame and flows out from the outlet direction, while the upper material is discharged in the direction of the upper outlet to complete the whole The process of screening.

In addition to sieving ceramics, the ceramic filter screen has a good screening effect on all slurries. Such as mud, syrup, soy milk, etc. can be used to expand production.