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The screw conveyor conveys the cement

 The working principle of the screw conveyor is to push the material to be conveyed through the rotating spiral blades, when conveying the cement, the cement enters the shell of the screw conveyor from the inlet, and with the rotation of the screw shaft, the cement is pushed by the spiral blades and advances in the direction of the shell until it reaches the discharge port.

1. The trough of the screw conveyor is closed, which helps to reduce the dust flying of cement during the conveying process, thereby reducing the pollution to the environment.

2. Due to the structural characteristics of the screw conveyor, it can achieve sealed conveying, which helps to prevent the leakage and scattering of cement during the conveying process.

3. Screw conveyors can be applied to the conveying of granules, powders and liquids.

There are also some problems that need to be paid attention to when conveying cement in screw conveyors.For example, due to the friction between the spiral blades and the cement, it may cause some wear and tear, which needs to be checked and maintained regularly, in addition, the conveying speed should be controlled during the conveying process to avoid clogging and aggravation caused by too fast.

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