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What is a sieve shaker

 The sieve shaker is a common equipment for separating and analyzing particulate materials in the laboratory, mainly sieving particulate materials of different particle sizes. The experimental sieve is to screen the material through screens of different mesh sizes in order to determine the particle size distribution of the particulate material.The working principle of the test screen is to drive the screen to vibrate through the vibrating motor, and the materials are separated on the screen. Since the amplitude and frequency of the screen are fixed, the number of particles passing through the mesh per unit time is stable.

There are two main areas of application that can be used for
experimental sieves

1. Particle classification and sieving: The test sieve can be used to classify and grade particles according to the sieving effect of particles of different sizes on the sieve mesh by dividing the particles into different levels according to the particle size.1, which is very important for some need to control the nature of the material according to the particle size and application of the industry, such as building materials, mining, chemical industry and other industries.

2.  Sieving efficiency and capacity analysis of granular materials: The test sieve can further understand the performance and operation indicators of the screening equipment by measuring and calculating the sieving efficiency and capacity in the screening process. In practical application, selecting the appropriate screen and adjusting the screening parameters can improve the screening efficiency and capacity to meet the needs of different applications.

Experimental sieves also have a number of advantages.First, the experimental sieve has a simple structure, easy to operate. Secondly, there is a digital display time to continue electrical appliances, can be timed quantitatively is different batches of materials analyzed more accurately, can be equipped with ultrasonic mesh clearing device, the screening range up to 0.025-3mm, the equipment can be used in multi-layer, up to the same time, can be sieved out of nine particle size. Finally, the aperture of the test sieve can be selected according to the actual situation, a wide range of different materials can be adapted to the particle size analysis.