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Using 316 material linear screen to improve the quality of Egyptian phosphate products

 An Egyptian phosphate customer wanted to improve the quality of their product and sought an efficient screening method. Their feed particle size is about 5 mm, and their goal is to remove fine particles below 1 mm. In order to meet customer requirements, we recommend using a linear screen made of 316 material.

Considering the corrosiveness of phosphate, we chose 316 material as the part in contact with the material. 316 material has excellent corrosion resistance and can maintain the stability and service life of equipment in harsh working environments. This choice ensures the durability of the equipment, allowing it to operate for long periods of time to meet customer needs.
We have provided customers with DZSF1840 model linear screens and plan to provide 5 units of equipment. According to our estimation, the output of each equipment is about 12 tons/hour to meet the customer's output requirement of 50 tons/hour.
By using these linear screens, customers are able to achieve fine screening of phosphate feed, removing fine particles below 1 mm. This significantly improves product quality and meets customer expectations for high-quality finished products.