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Which linear vibrating screen is good?

 Stainless steel linear vibrating screen is made of stainless steel material polished inside and outside, with anti-acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature resistance, not easy to rust, etc. Particularly suitable for food, medicine, chemical industry, dry powder, granular materials in addition to the impurities or grading.So which stainless steel linear vibrating screen manufacturer is better?

The stainless steel linear vibrating screen produced by Dayong Machinery is made of 310/316L stainless steel, using the technology of internal and external polishing, the screen machine is clean and hygienic without rust, and easy to clean;Moreover, its related accessories seals and bouncing balls are made of food silicone, which meets the health standards of food, medicine and other industries.


The stainless steel linear vibrating screen can screen materials as fine as 400 meshes, which can meet the screening capacity of 20 tons for large-capacity users, and the screening efficiency can reach 96%.


In order to ensure the hygiene of the material, the stainless steel linear vibrating screen produced by Dayong adopts two measures of dust cover and sealing strip to ensure the tightness of the equipment, which can effectively prevent the mutual contamination of multiple materials in the same working environment and affect the production process.

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