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Why do Chinese medicine powders need round tumbler screener?

 The sieving conundrum

1,Chinese medicine powder is sticky and fibrous, easy to get together, which leads to easy clogging of the screen.

2,Chinese medicine powder will be easy to be dusty if using ordinary sieving equipment.


Aiming at the above problems, we make special design for theround tumbler screener, which is a kind of low-frequency rotary vibration sieve directly imitating the artificial sieving, with a long running track of the material on the mesh surface, and the sieve body is equipped with a unique mesh-clearing device, and the sieving precision is as high as 90%-95%.Circular swing screen can be equipped with bouncing ball or ultrasonic system and other mesh cleaning devices, which can effectively avoid mesh clogging. Tumbler screen is also specially designed with manual or hydraulic lifting device, which is not only convenient to change the mesh but also can prolong the service life of the mesh.

Equipment features

1,Suitable for large output and fine screening materials,

2,The use of silicone rubber ball, ultrasonic and other high-efficiency screen cleaning device system, the screen hole will not be clogged.

3,Sealed dust removal, safe operation,

4,The screen can be multi-layer or single-layer

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