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How To Choose Lithium Titanate Sieving Machine

Lithium titanate as a new energy source, different fine particle size have different roles, so for getting different materials, that will need to use sieving machine - rotary vibrating screen.

Rotary vibration screen can sieve below 200 mesh lithium titanate, but too fine materials (such as larger than 200 mesh), ordinary rotary vibrating screen can not meet production demand, which will need to use ultrasonic vibration screen to achieve.
Ultrasonic vibrating screen is added a set of ultrasonic generator device with high frequency low vibration amplitude on the basis of rotary vibrating screen, make super micron powder keeping the hanging state due to super ultrasonic acceleration, so as to avoid the adhesion, friction, leveling, wedging and other plug mesh factors, and solve many sieving problems, such as strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static, high precision, high density, light specific gravity, etc. Specially suits for high quality and fine powder materials.

So in the screening process of lithium titanate can better meet production demand by rotary vibrating screen and ultrasonic vibrating screen.