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How To Feed Powder Pesticides To The Packaging Machine More Safely

Pesticide product powders are very common. Traditionally, we use screw feeders to feed. Probably the process is the processed powder, put in the silo, manually transferred to the vicinity of the packaging machine, and added to the screw by manual addition. In the hopper of the feeder. In this production process, transport is carried out manually. First, the labor intensity is high, the second is semi-automated production, and the third is very unsafe. Most of the pesticides are toxic and harmful powders.

And the vacuum transportation in the pesticide industry is becoming more and more mature. We can realize pipeline closed transportation. From drying, crushing, mixing, sieving to packaging, vacuum feeders can be used for transportation, without manual transportation. The materials are in a closed pipeline. Realize transportation, no contact with the outside world, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Many users are worried at first that pesticide powders are superfine powders, which have poor fluidity, are very easy to bridge, and are difficult to discharge in the silo. We have developed many auxiliary feeding equipment for the pesticide industry, such as activation hoppers / mixing silos, etc. Most materials can meet equipment requirements.