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How To Maintain Brass Powder Vibrating Sieving Machine

The brass powder needs to be sieved to more than 100 meshes during processing, so a circular vibrating screen is mostly used for sieving.

The rotary vibrating screen is to adjust the unbalanced weights on the upper and lower ends of the vertical vibrating motor, so that the material is simultaneously subjected to the three-dimensional movement of the horizontal, vertical, and inclined directions on the screen surface to complete the entire screening process. As a mechanical equipment, yellow The copper powder vibrating screen is also inseparable from daily maintenance.
The first is daily maintenance. Before starting the vibrating screen every day, the following checks must be done:

1. Inspection of the screen: Before each use, be sure to check whether the screen is damaged. If there is any damage, replace it in time. The quality of the screen directly determines the screening accuracy of the material.

2. Bolt inspection: Check whether the bolts are tightened before starting the machine. The loose ring will cause powder leakage during the screening process. Therefore, the bolts must be checked before starting the machine to avoid unnecessary troubles.
In addition, the motor of the vibrating screen should be checked regularly, and the motor that needs to be filled with oil should be filled with oil regularly. To prevent the motor from being burnt due to lack of oil, the bearings should be lubricated regularly.