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Burning Causes Of Vibration Motor For Linear Vibrating Screen

Firstly, the motor just bought burned out within a few days. There may be two reasons:

1. The quality of the vibrating motor is not good, and the product itself has problems. The general warranty period of the motor is 12-18 months. If this problem occurs, you can directly contact the vibrating screen manufacturer to replace the new motor.

2. The damage caused by improper use may be the water entering during use, or the damage of the motor caused by improper operation. In this case, you need to read the instruction manual of the vibrating motor in detail before use to avoid this phenomenon as much as possible.

Secondly, the vibration motor that has been used for a period of time burns out, and there may be the following situations:

1. Use the vibration motor for a long time, but do not check the anchor bolts. During the long-term vibration process, the anchor bolts will loosen without being noticed. If the anchor bolts are loose, after long time vibration the motor will be burned. Therefore, the inspection work must be done before starting the vibrating screen.

2. Another possibility is long-term use. There will be some dust in the workshop, especially the material workshop where dust particles are sieved. The possibility of dust is greater, which causes dust to enter the motor. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the vibration motor will explode.

3. Oil-filled vibration motor. Failure to fill the oil in time will also cause the loss of the vibration motor. If the oil is not filled for a long time, the bearing of the motor will be broken due to reduced lubrication.