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How To Recycle The Residual Materials In The Mixer

The mixer truck often used in the mixing station mainly contains the mixture of cement, sand and gravel, and then pours it after arriving at the construction site. Residual cement, stones and sand will be produced in the mixer after pouring, which needs to be reused.
In this way, we need to use our dewatering vibrating screen. After the cement mixer truck is parked in a suitable position, water is sprayed into the mixer truck, and then the material flows through the chute to the dewatering vibrating screen. The stones are sieved out, and the small sand and water flow through the discharge port directly below the dewatering vibrating screen to the corresponding storage tank. The storage tank needs to open two ports, and the upper discharge port is used to discharge clear water. , And then recycled. The sediment from the lower discharge port is transported to the large pond through a U-shaped screw. Through this set of technological processes, waste materials can be effectively recycled, which not only saves the production cost of the mixing plant, but also meets the energy conservation and environmental protection requirements advocated by the state.