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What Causes The Damage of The Filter Element of The Vacuum Feeder

With the continuous development of the conveying industry, the vacuum feeder has attracted more and more attention because of the difference between its use and conveying and feeding methods. And it can effectively help powder and granular materials to be loaded and transported. And it can also ensure that the powder will not leak dust during the transportation process.

There are many reasons for the damage of the filter element of the vacuum feeder. The more common one is caused by wear. At this time, the better solution we need to do is to use suitable materials, and try not to feed some materials with higher hardness. After this, the sharper granular material is also easy to damage the filter element. In addition, improper operation when we operate the equipment will also affect the filter element, but this reason does not have a great impact on the damage of the filter element. In fact, it is more important to ensure the use of the filter element of the vacuum feeder or to determine its material properties. It is recommended to choose a suitable filter element.