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The Difference Between Square Swing Screen And Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is the screening and classification of powder, granule and slurry materials. The swing sieve is currently the domestic mechanical equipment for handling difficult-to-sieve materials, mainly for the screening of powders and small particles. The comparison between the two shows that the swing sieve (shaking sieve) is more suitable for materials that are difficult to screen.

The vibrating screen is to screen the material through the principle of high-speed vibration. It is precisely because of the high-speed vibration that it will destroy the shape of the material, so many granular crystalline coke and crisp materials are not suitable for vibrating screen, such as chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar, cooked food, etc. Wait. The swing screen is a slight elliptical swing motion, there is no high-speed vibration, the impact on the material is small, the shape of the material will not be damaged, and the yield of the material is greatly improved.
Ordinary vibrating screens use the principle of high-speed vibration. Vibration is very destructive to materials and machinery. Over time, it is prone to vibration or deformation, and the noise is relatively large. The swing screen adopts the principle of low speed swing, which ensures the service life of the equipment, reduces maintenance costs, and reduces equipment noise.