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How To Screen Plastic Particles With Two-layer Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screens can achieve the purpose of grading and removing impurities, but how do they achieve it? Let me tell you how the two-layer linear vibrating screen sieving plastic particles.

First of all, plastic particles of different specifications enter the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen through the conveying equipment or manual feeding. At this time, the plastic particles are simultaneously subjected to the dual force of their own gravity and the vibration motor to work on the screen surface. Straight leaping forward, because plastic particles need to be divided into three different specifications of particles, so the screen of the linear vibrating screen is two layers, so the linear vibrating screen is a double-layer vibrating screen. The sieve mesh has two apertures of 4mm and 8mm. The plastic particles can be divided into three sizes larger than 4mm, 4-8mm, and smaller than 8mm through these two different sizes of sieve apertures, which are used in different industries.

Matters needing attention in the production process of plastic particle linear vibrating screen:
1. Because the specific gravity of plastic particles is relatively light, in the screening process, the screen machine of the linear vibrating screen needs to be made into equipment with an inclination angle to facilitate the rapid screening of plastic particles.

2. Due to the special nature of plastic particles, a stainless steel linear sieve is required, so the plastic particle linear vibrating sieve is a stainless steel vibrating sieve.

3. The grid frame of the plastic particle linear vibrating screen is a steel grid frame, which can be used for longer and more durable.