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The Role Of Ultrasonic Transducer In Vibrating Screen

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a derivative of circular vibrating screen, and its production output and material use range are better than ordinary rotary vibrating screen. This mainly depends on the ultrasonic generating device. Let me explain the working principle and function of ultrasonic transducer.

Ultrasonic transducer generally acts on the surface or underneath of the screen, depending on the material. The transducer mainly has vibration coefficients C1, C2, C3, C4 and pulse type in five different gears. Among them, the vibration coefficients of C1-C4 files increase in turn. Corresponding to materials screened with different degrees of difficulty, the vibration gear of the transducer can be determined. A common feature of the transducers of these four gears is that their working state is continuous. The transducer keeps hitting the screen during the whole process of the ultrasonic vibrating screen;
Another working state of the transducer is pulse type. The working principle of this transducer is that the transducer has its own switch. When the transducer is required to work, turn on the switch and the transducer will start to work; no Turn off the switch when the transducer is working, and the transducer will no longer work; this working principle is suitable for screening materials with low viscosity.