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How to reduce the wear and tear of linear vibrating screen?

 Linear vibrating screen is a widely used equipment, which is used in the quarry, chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries.Linear vibrating screen utilizes vibrating motor excitation as the source of electricity, so that the material is thrown up on the screen mesh, and at the same time, it moves forward in a straight line.This kind of movement will bring wear and tear to the machine,  Dazhong Machinery will explain to you how to care and maintain the linear vibrating screen.

1, choose wear-resistant screen material: stainless steel, high carbon steel and other materials have good wear resistance, according to the particles, the characteristics of the material, choose the right screen material can significantly improve the service life of the screen.

2, control vibration parameters: reasonable control of vibrating screen vibration parameters is an effective way to reduce the wear and tear of the screen mesh, you can reduce the amplitude, reduce the vibration frequency or use different working modes of the vibrating screen to reduce the pressure of the screen mesh.

3,regular maintenance and cleaning: regularly clean the screen surface of the particulate material and impurities, replace the damaged screen in time to ensure that the screen maintains a good working condition. In addition, regularly check the parts of the vibrating screen to ensure that the parts are tight and reliable.

4,Regular replacement of lubricating oil: linear vibrating screen needs to use lubricating oil to reduce friction and wear and tear, the quality and oil level of lubricating oil should be checked regularly and the lubricating oil should be replaced in time.

5,check the spring part: the spring of the linear vibrating screen plays a key role in the operation of the equipment, and the spring should be checked regularly for bouncing, and be replaced in time when problems are found.

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