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Why does the vacuum conveyor not convey materials anymore? What are the reasons?

 Vacuum conveyor are widely used in a variety of industries for conveying powder particlesThere are more and more factories that use vacuum loaders to convey materials.But in the feeding process will inevitably encounter some can not work properly, the common is the feeding machine does not feed or suction slow, so what is the reason? Dazhong machinery for you to analyze.


Vacuum loading machine in the use of the process of discharging the valve back and forth closed, long time use of the seal ring caused by wear and tear, resulting in material leakage, can not make the internal formation of a good negative pressure, the suction speed will be very slow.


The vacuum feeding machine itself comes with a blowback system, when the conveying time is too long, it may also cause the blockage of the filter element, the hopper can not be well formed in a negative pressure environment, which will also result in the material can not be better conveyed. 

The prolonged use of the vacuum pump may lead to insufficient power, or the vacuum pump itself may be damaged, which may also lead to the inability to feed the material or poor feeding performance. Feeding machine suction pipe used for a long time, will cause the suction wire hose breakage, so that when feeding the material can not be effective from the suction pipe into the silo inside, resulting in slow suction problem.

There are many reasons why the vacuum feeding machine does not feed or suction slow, in the use of the process, we can only find the cause and solve the problem in time to ensure its normal work.

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