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How to sieve flour through the low-profile sifter

 Low-profile sifter is a screening equipment for particle screening and separation.The core principle is that a single horizontal vibration motor is the excitation source, and after the material enters the equipment, it is subjected to the excitation force on the screen surface and makes an elliptical motion trajectory,So as to realize the screening of materials.The low-profile sifter can screen all kinds of powder particles, such as flour, powdered sugar, milk powder, etc.

low-profile sifter of salt is a common technique that separates the crystals in the salt into different particle sizes.The salt to be screened is evenly put into the feed port of low-profile sifter, and when the vibrating motor is started, it will generate an excitation force to drive the screen frame to move forward and upward.This movement causes the salt to form a thin layer of particles on the screen and is subjected to a vertical force that starts the screening process.Larger salt particles slide down gradually due to gravity and the slope of the screen,Smaller particles can pass through the sieve hole and fall into the aggregate channel below, so that the salt particles are separated according to their size.

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