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Why Choose Swing Screen For Quartz Sand Screening

The linear vibrating screen is the most used for sieving quartz sand. However, in order to expand production and improve the fineness of quartz sand, some manufacturers have begun to use tumbler screen to sieve quartz sand. Swing screen is a kind of equipment with good screening effect and high precision, which imitates manual screening. The screening equipment is faster than ordinary vibrating screens and saves time. What are the main characteristics of the swing screen?

1. The screening accuracy is high, the screen surface can be fully utilized, there is no dead corner, as long as the material can reach the screen surface, the screening accuracy can reach 98%.

2. The screen has a long service life, and the material can swing back and forth on the screen surface without jumping, so it is relatively durable than other vibrating screens.

3. Fully solve the problem of hole blocking. Due to its own characteristics and design, the swing screen has a special vibration mode. In addition, the number of bouncing balls in the screen is more than other screens, so there is basically no blocking phenomenon.

4. Relative to the rotary vibrating screen of the same size, the linear screen and other screening output are large.