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How To Prevent Damage To The Ultrasonic Transducer

1. Failure to dissipate heat in time will cause damage to the ultrasonic transducer, so pay attention to heat dissipation during the installation of the equipment. Ultrasonic vibrating screen is used in the production line and has a long use time. Therefore, the ultrasonic vibrating screen should be installed in a place with sufficient ventilation and heat dissipation. This can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the use cycle.

2. Dust is a major influencing factor of the ultrasonic transducer. Therefore, dust-proof work should be done in place when the ultrasonic transducer is installed, which can increase the service life of the equipment. Therefore, a bracket for the ultrasonic power box is generally designed, In order to reduce the probability of dust contact with it.

3. For multi-layer ultrasonic vibrating screen equipment, in addition to the above two points, a special power control box is generally designed. The control box can effectively control the ultrasonic transducer system and the ultrasonic vibrating screen system, and the safety is guaranteed.