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Why Is The Multi-layer Rotary Vibrating Screen Equipped With A Material Return Design

We know that the rotary vibrating screen is designed with one to five layers, which can screen up to six different particle sizes at the same time. In the design of the multi-layer rotary vibrating screen, considering the accuracy of the screening, the multi-layer rotary vibrating screen is equipped with a return material Design, that is, the return tray. The return tray is installed in the lower part of the upper screen. The main function is to collect the materials that have passed through the upper screen again, and then enter the lower screen from the center of the screen surface of the rotary vibrating screen. The purpose of this is to make the material in the lower screen. When falling into each layer of the screen, it will fall from the center of the screen, which ensures the residence time of the material in the rotary vibrating screen, thereby ensuring the accuracy of screening. If you use a rotary vibrating screen without a return tray, the material passing through the upper screen may fall directly to the edge of the lower screen, so that the material is directly discharged from the discharge port before being screened. Affect the screening accuracy of the rotary vibrating screen.