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Ultrasonic Test Sieve

2020-10-31 19:03:07

 Product description:

Ultrasonic test sieve is different from ordinary test sieve. This kind of sieving equipment can inspect the particle size of extremely fine and difficult to sieve materials. It is a kind of screening equipment used in laboratories and scientific research rooms for particle size analysis of small amounts of materials. An ultrasonic system is added to the original test sieve to complete the screening of fine powder materials. It is widely used in laboratories in the pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, mineral processing and food industries.
Product structure composition:
The ordinary test sieve is composed of two parts: the test sieve frame and the sieve shaker, and the ultrasonic test sieve is based on these two parts with an extra ultrasonic system. It is composed of three parts: the screen frame, the sieve shaker and the ultrasonic system.

Working principle:
The ultrasonic system is connected with the screen frame through an external ultrasonic transducer, and the high frequency electric oscillation generated by the ultrasonic vibration power supply is uniformly transmitted to the screen surface by the oscillator. The material on the screen is subjected to low-frequency three-dimensional vibration and superimposed on ultrasonic vibration, which can prevent the mesh from blocked and improve the screening capacity and accuracy.
Steps for usage
1.Adjust the screening time according to the screening needs. There is a time relay on the shaker panel that can be accurate to the second, and the timing time can be adjusted within 0-99 minutes and 59 seconds.

2.The screen frame is placed from top to bottom in order from coarse to fine, and up to 8 screen frames can be placed.

3.Put the screen frame on the sieve shaker, and lock the nuts on the top and both sides. The specific method is: first loosen the four lock nuts that on top and on both sides of sieve shaker, so that the two uprights on both sides can fall freely and fall on the standard test sieve that has been placed, and then lock the nuts on the two sides, and finally the two nuts on the top are locked. Note that the nuts on the top and sides must be tightened.

4.After placing the screen frame, it can be turned on. First set the screening time, press the green button on the shaker to turn on the machine, and then turn on the ultrasonic system, which can automatically control the screening of materials. You can also press directly if you need to pause in the middle. The red button can end the screening with one click.