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Large Screening Area Gyratory Vibrating Screen

2021-01-28 11:03:25

Product Brief Introduction

PXZS series of gyratory vibrating screen is widely used in food, chemical industry, mining, paper, ceramic, medicine, metallurgy, building material and other industries. For raw materials and finished materials screening, grading operations, it’s an advanced and high effective screening equipment.

Working Principle

Inclination of the sieve is driven by the actuator. At the feed end the trajectory is the horizontal circular motion, in the longitudinal direction becoming elliptical motion, and finally the discharge end changing to be a reciprocating linear motion.

Feeding material gathered at Inlet, doing circular motion, evenly distributed throughout screen surface and automatically graded. So that the smaller particle size material below the material layer rapidly sifted, and the larger particle size material move to the discharge end.

During the movement, no agitation and vertical jump, so the smaller particles always close the screen surface, ready to sieved.

At the discharge end, the screen body motion is similar as reciprocating linear motion, the screening force gradually weakened, so that the particle (particle size bigger than mesh size) move quickly toward the exit, until discharge, completely screening. During the screening process, constantly beating the elastic ball, effectively prevent clogging screen mesh, ensure the high efficiency screening. During the sieve body movement, balance block make the inertial force in all directions perfectly balanced, thus ensuring the smooth movement of the sieve.

Main Features

1.Compact structure, appearance neat and beautiful.
2.Stable and reliable, easy operation and maintenance.
3.The machine uses a special balance mode (provided with an eccentric hammer), during the sieve body movement, the inertial force in all directions have been perfectly balanced, so little vibration, low noise, smooth operation.
4.It combines the advantages of the circular movement, elliptical motion and reciprocating linear motion. And installed surface cleaning device, thus large yield, high efficiency, low consumption.
5.The main component adopt mechanical bending, riveting, welding, well sealing performance.
6.Transmission devices: belt drive, smooth transmission, reliability, low noise, easy installation and maintenance.