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Application of Ultrasonic Rotating Sieve in Dehydrated Vegetable Industry

Sieving is an indispensable process in the production of the dehydrated vegetable industry. The garlic powder is graded through an ultrasonic rotary sieve. The following is the practical case of Xinxiang Dayong vibration equipment company in the dehydrated vegetable industry.

A couple of days ago, we received custoemer from India,who is one of leading manufacturer in dehydrated vegetable industry.They recently need to build two separate production lines for dehydration and spices to advoid any contamination. Customer  are using the sieving machine from india, during actual production process,they fount its sieving not fine enough and can’t reach request capacity 1000kgs/hr. When procurement dept find us through us, tell us their requirement , mesh size 0.5mm, 0.2mm, 100 mesh, capacity 1000kgs/hr etc. As we have many customers in Shandong, who is large manufacture base of dehydred vegetagle in China. Even we ensure ultrasonic rotary screen is best suitable machine, they choose to send us sample, test run the machine.When we send them the video,they are very satisfied and appove it. 

It is pleasant to talk with Indian customers,besides discussing on sieving machine,we talked about the popular film Dangle,from the actor to indian culture, language full of fun. 

When customers back to india, we will proceed on this order.