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What are the applicable materials for ultrasonic vibrating screen?

 What are the applicable materials for ultrasonic vibrating screen?

Ultrasonic vibrating screen system is a kind of simple and practical, reliable screening system.It is the most effective solution of mesh plug and a major technological breakthrough at Chinese screening industry. It can easily solve the difficult problems such as strong adsorption, easy reunite, high electrostatic, high precision, high density, light weight and so on. So what kind of materials can be screened by ultrasonic vibrating screen? Let me give you a specific introduction.

The applicable materials for ultrasonic vibrating screen as follow:

1.Pharmaceutical industry: according to GMPS, It can be used for sieving, filtering and  impurity removing of Chinese and western raw materials, western medicine and Chinese medicine.
2.Food industry: according to the national health standard, the design and production of ultrasonic vibrating screen can be used to screening flour powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, spices, food additives, etc.
3. Metal powder industry: ultrasonic vibrating screen can screen copper, iron, aluminum, lead, zinc, alloy powder, magnetic materials and other metal powder;
4. Abrasive: alumina,corundum,corundum, quartz sand,glass beads and so on.
5. Chemical materials industry: plastic, rubber, resin, dyes, filling materials and other chemical materials .
6. Fiber materials industry: activated carbon, wood powder, wood chips, charcoal and other fiber materials .

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is mainly used for above materials, please contact our company Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment CO.,Ltd.if you are not sure of which model suitable,please give us the details of your materials, and we will recommend suitable ultrasonic sieve for you.