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The application of Laminate High Frequency stack sieve

 The application of Laminate High Frequency stack sieve

Xinxiang Dayong Producing the laminate high frequency stack sieve is a grading screen 

machine that is combined into one by multi-layer screen machine, having wide application. The following to introduce the application of laminate screen:

1.Laminate high frequency vibration fine screen has high screening efficiency and accuracy, suitable for the iron ore, ilmenite ore-dressing plant, used for the control and grading of 
fine ore particle size.

2.Laminate high frequency stack sieve can replace the screw classifier, hydrocyclone classification, or combine with them to grade, can obviously reduce the useful mineral 
crush, improve the ore-dressing efficiency, mainly suitable for tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium ore-dressing plant, and this type of ore is relatively brittle and has a large proportion.

3.Suitable for the difficult screening material, such as glass raw material quartz sand, feldspar ore-dressing plant, the quartz sand ground by rod mill have a wide particle size 
and edge angle, belong the difficult screening material.

4.In kaolin ore-dressing plant used for controlling the particle size of final product ore or isolate the coarse material before high gradient magnetic separator.