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Application Of Vibrating Screen In Edible Gelatin Industry

Edible gelatin is collagen protein extracted from fresh animal skins and bones by classification, degreasing, rinsing, neutralization, hydrolysis, etc. It is light colorless to light yellow flakes or powder granular powder, odorless, tasteless, and contains human body The required 18 kinds of amino acids are used in the food industry as excipients, thickeners, and beer as clarifiers. They are widely used additives in the food industry.

The finished edible gelatin needs to be crushed, sieved, and then used in the production process of food and medicine. The screening process is to use a vibrating sieving machine to divide the crushed edible gelatin into different grades according to the next process requirements. The sieved particles are crushed by a pulverizer and put into production use.
The sieving of edible gelatin can generally be divided into three grades, and the commonly used meshes are about 10 mesh to 50 mesh. Using DY-1000-2S, 10 mesh, 30 mesh, the processing capacity is 700 kg/h.