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Dehydrated Vegetables Vacuum Feeder System

 Dehydrated vegetables are divided into AD vegetables and FD vegetables.

AD vegetables, also known as dried vegetables. The dehydrated vegetables made by the drying dehydration mechanism are collectively referred to as AD vegetables.

FD vegetables, also known as frozen vegetables. Dehydrated vegetables made using the freeze dehydration mechanism are collectively referred to as FD vegetables.

Recently, our customers have been consulting about the transportation of dehydrated vegetables. Customers are very interested in our vacuum conveyors.

Because the customer wants to reduce dust pollution in the production workshop, the customer is now transporting FD vegetables, and the sieving machine needs to be used on site. The suction tube of the vacuum feeder produced by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a soft hose. Considering that customers want better heat preservation and cold preservation, we recommend that customers change to stainless steel pipes and design as few elbows and tees as possible for customers to maximize the delivery output used by customers. According to customers Specific site conditions.

We recommend that customers use the double vacuum feeder hopper form, that is, use one fan with two vacuum feeder hoppers, which can save a lot of costs on the basis of ensuring the customer’s purpose of use. We are very satisfied with professional ability and considerate service. We will arrange the production of vacuum conveyor for customers as soon as possible, and deliver the vacuum feeder to customers as soon as possible, so that customers can use our equipment as soon as possible.